WVCheck's Startup Screen on Windows 7

Windows Validation Check (WVCheck) is a tool to find out if the user is using a legit version of windows. The tool will check when Windows Updates last detected new updates, when the user has downloaded them and installed them, unless of course they have turned it off (Could indicate a pirated OS).

WVCheck will also do a full system scan and flag certain files, keywords, certain words in sentences and more. WVCheck is pretty thorough in finding out if the person running it has a legitimate operating system or not. Combine WVCheck with Microsoft’s MGADiag and askey127′s CKScanner and you’ve got a pretty solid check on cracked Windows systems.

WVCheck is pretty straight forward. You run the program, it tells you to wait, and it will open a notepad file to the user that they can post on the forum for the helper to inspect.

Latest EXE Download
Latest ZIP Download

Targeted File List:
If you would like to add a way to check for the validity of windows, let me know.


Canned Speech:

Please download WVCheck from [url=http://artellos.com/wvcheck-page]Artellos.com[/url].
[list][*]Double click WVCheck.exe. (If you downloaded the zipped version you will need to extract it.)
[*]As indicated by the prompt, This program can take a while depending on your hard drive space.
[*]Once the program is done, copy the contents of the notepad file as a reply.[/list]